What is dry cleaning and why should I dry clean my clothes?

Dry cleaning is the use of solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric. Dry cleaning solvent is not harmful to any fabric, and dry cleaning is the only safe method for cleaning many types of garments.

Natural fibres such as wools and silks will shrink and perhaps loose their colour if washed in water, but will come out in dry cleaning perfectly. Cottons and linens, if not pre-shrunk in manufacture, will also shrink in home laundering. Dry cleaning is particularly effective in removing greasy, oily stains from synthetic fibres which tend to bind in oils when stained.

Express Dry Cleaning Co. Ltd. provides more than just dry cleaning. Our cleaning includes professional removal of problem stains that will not come out with simple drycleaning, alone. It also includes professional pressing, careful packaging, and inspection at every step along the way to make sure that all stains have been attended to and the item has been properly pressed and finished.

Dry cleaning can extend the life of your wardrobe, and your knowledge about drycleaning can bring you more value for your clothing dollar. Dry cleaning does NOT reduce the life of your clothing.


Are there any problems in cleaning matching pieces as in suits - trousers and jackets or skirt and jackets; twin sets etc cleaned on individually and not at the same time? My jacket is normally OK but trousers need regular clean to remove body odours and marks.

Sets of clothes such as a suit and twin sets should be cleaned together in order to keep colour variations to a minimum.

Prolonged cleaning one item of a matching set versus infrequently cleaning of the other could over time lead to observable colour changes and reduced wearing life of the uncleaned item.

Please note also that some items that are part of a set may have different cleaning instructions from one another so if in doubt you can always check this with your friendly Express Dry Cleaning Co. Ltd. staff.

Do you offer a same day service?

Yes, Express Dry Cleaning Co. Ltd. offers a same day and next day service for all your dry cleaning needs.

Simply contact us for more instructions.

Do you offer a delivery and collections service?

Yes, we offer a free collections and delivery service.

What causes yellowing and/or fabric damage?

Exposure to heat or the passage of time may cause stains from food, drinks and other oily substances to oxidise and discolour your clothes a yellow or brown colour. At this point it is more difficult to remove this discolouration effect.

Certain chemicals found in anti-per spirants, perfumes and household cleaners can react with clothing - this can be a problem particularly for shirts and blouses.

It is therefore recommended that your garments get cleaned after use without long periods of time left for these chemicals to work on the fabric.



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